is a free XMPP/Jabber server operated by an individual, running for use by a general public. The service is setup and operated with users' security and privacy in mind. The service is setup in a dedicated server with FDE. Please not abuse it and use appropriately.

In-band registration is available, use your client app to register an account. Registration using this website is not available right now.

Due to its focus on privacy and ease of use, is currently getting widely abused by spammers. Which led to its inclusion in spam lists. That means that communication with other servers is limited.

IPs are not logged. We recommend you to use Tor to connect to our service, the hidden service will be published again soon.

In order to be able to communicate, you have to add the contact to your contact list first.

Current certificate's SHA-1 fingerprint of is 82:5A:34:E7:A1:73:2E:0B:1D:38:1C:61:DA:1D:26:C6:02:9C:ED:14. If your client asks you to accept some other certificate, do not allow it, since this may be a malicious activity from some third party.

By default, user-to-user messages are not stored on the server. But keep in mind that some clients do this automatically by default. For a better privacy of your communications it is strongly advised to use OMEMO or Off-the-Record messaging, so your messages will be stored on the server in the encrypted form, unintelligible to any third party.

Since strictly follows XSF standards, there is no interoperability with Google services.

Recommended desktop client: Gajim. On mobile, Conversations client for Android is recommended, since is 100% XMPP compliant and supports all its features, including OMEMO end-to-end encryption.